Pokemon: Why Goh's Legendary Catch Shakes the Anime Up

Pokemon Journeys has prided itself on having Ash Ketchum and his right-hand man Goh capturing some of the strongest Pokemon that they've ever encountered, but with Goh's recent acquisition of the Legendary Pokemon known as Suicune, it seems as if the game of Pokemon training has changed forever! Suicune's capture doesn't just open the door for Goh and Ash to battle stronger trainers on their quest to be the best, it also means that the two protagonists might just be able to catch any Pokemon they come across, Legendary or otherwise!

The latest season of the long-running anime has shown us Ash Ketchum taking a victory lap following his win at the Alola Region Pokemon Tournament, with his new friend Goh keeping up with the insane catches that Ash has made so far such as Gengar and Dragonite. With Goh capturing this Legendary Pokemon, it lends credence to the idea that the supporting character is becoming just as strong as the protagonist and might very well be moving toward becoming a stronger trainer than his friend. Ash Ketchum has been the main man of the Pokemon anime for decades, but perhaps this new catch might put Goh into the driver's seat in the future of the franchise!

Twitter Users shared the ending narration of the latest episode, as well as a theory that this insane catch by Goh might lead to the capture of more Legendary Pokemon during this season, which would definitely come in handy for both young trainers as they attempt to defeat the trainers of Galar:


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