Pokemon Unite: Gengar Is Probably the Most Overpowered Pokemon in Game

Pokemon Unite has a bit of a Gengar problem, largely due to the Pokemon's core move combo that [...]

Pokemon Unite has a bit of a Gengar problem, largely due to the Pokemon's core move combo that makes it practically unstoppable. The new MOBA-style game has been out for less than a week, but Pokemon fans and MOBA veterans have already dissected many of the game's Pokemon to determine the best Pokemon in the game. A consensus has emerged among many veteran players that one specific Gengar build is almost entirely unstoppable when played the right way. Players have discovered that Gengar's Sludge Bomb/Hex combo is a brutal and nearly unbeatable way to wipe out entire teams with almost no weaknesses.

The key to using Gengar is to reach Level 7 as quickly as possible to upgrade its moves. At Level 5, Gengar's pre-evolved form Haunter learns Sludge Bomb, an AOE attack that poisons opponents. At Level 7, Haunter learns Hex, which causes it to teleport to a specific location and deal out AOE damage to surrounding Pokemon. Hex is especially potent if it hits a Pokemon that's been poisoned - it not only deals extra damage to Pokemon inflicted with Poison, but Hex's cooldown time is significantly reduced. If Gengar can hit you with a Sludge Bomb/Hex combo, you're likely dead. The main complaint surrounding Gengar is that Hex's cooldown reduction time provides Gengar with an advantage that no other Pokemon in the game has.

Because both Sludge Bomb and Hex have areas of effect that can hit multiple Pokemon, Gengar can wipe out any Pokemon that are clustered together. Gengar functions best lurking in the central area and then flanking opponents as they move through one of the central lanes.

If you're dealing with an opposing Gengar who keeps wrecking your team, try to spread out to limit the damage that Sludge Bomb/Hex can do to you, or utilize a Pokemon like Slowbro that has attacks that can get a Pokemon out of the way before Sludge Bomb hits. Bringing a Full Heal as your Battle Item can also negate some of Gengar's effectiveness, as it can remove Poison and thus prevent Gengar from rattling off its combo.

Gengar has definitely emerged as an early favorite of Pokemon Unite Pokemon, and seems destined for some kind of nerf soon. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.