Pokemon Fan Stuns with Elaborate Mewtwo Cosplay

With the Pokemon franchise now well over two decades old, and several generations of the franchise [...]

With the Pokemon franchise now well over two decades old, and several generations of the franchise released over the course of its tenure, there have been several Legendary Pokemon introduced to the point where the term "legendary" is starting to bear a ton of weight. With nearly 100 of them as of this writing, there have only been a few that have managed to have both an impact on fans and the franchise itself. Arguably the most famous of this line is the 150th Pokemon Mewtwo, which has been the focus of a couple of movies and even a big CG animated remake.

Serving as the end goal for the first generation of the video games for trainers who had mastered the eight gyms and Elite Four challenge, Mewtwo stood at the top of many popularity lists for quite sometime. It was even why this Legendary in particular was chosen as the central figure for the first live-action take on the franchise, Pokemon: Detective Pikachu. But there are surprisingly still new ways to celebrate this favorite.

Artist Willow Creative (who you can find on Instagram here) brought Mewtwo to life in a brand new way with a remarkably elaborate cosplay. Not only is in a complete recreation of the world's strongest Pokemon, but there are extra neat details such as a set of glowing eyes like when Mewtwo uses its psychic abilities. Check it out:

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Mewtwo recently came back in the CG animated remake celebrating Pokemon's anniversary, Mewtwo Strikes Back EVOLUTION. This was a notable film due to that new form of animation (which the franchise is moving on from with the next film, Pokemon the Movie: Coco), but that it also broke one of the major curses as the Japanese language track of the film released alongside its English dub one on Netflix.

But it was great to see Mewtwo again, and cosplay like this continues to prove why it's such a legendary icon for the franchise overall. Where does Mewtwo rank on the list of the best Legendary Pokemon? Which of the Pokemon movies is the best one? Are you hoping to see Mewtwo in action again soon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!