Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution Confirms New Trailer Release Date

With Detective Pikachu continuing its theatrical run, Pokemon fans won't need to wait long to see [...]

With Detective Pikachu continuing its theatrical run, Pokemon fans won't need to wait long to see these pocket monsters returning to the big screen. The upcoming film, Pokemon The Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution, will see the first feature length animated movie recreated with a modern computer touch. Displayed entirely in computer graphics, Evolution will retell the original story, revisiting the world of Mewtwo and Ash Ketchum's first adventure in a movie. With the release date of the film scheduled for July 12th of this year, a new trailer may be dropping sooner than you'd think!

According to Serebii, the "massive Pokemon website", the next trailer for the upcoming remake will debut on May 23rd on the popular Japanese children's show, Oha Suta. While not much has been revealed about what will be shown during the new trailer, expect to see moments from the original film brought into the present with a modern cg appearance.

The first Pokemon animated film was originally released in 1998, pulling in around $178 million USD worldwide. Based on the success of this film, a series of follow up features were created that followed Ash Ketchum and the gang encountering new Pokemon and threats. Pokemon as a franchise continued moving forward, even releasing its first ever live action movie in the form of Pokemon: Detective Pikachu which saw Hollywood taking a crack at the world of these battling monsters.

mewtwo strikes back evolution
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

Mewtwo Strikes Back follows the popular Pokemon protagonist, Ash Ketchum, with his friends Misty and Brock as they attempt to discover the mysteries behind this new powerful clone. Mewtwo, created in part with the help of the villainous organization Team Rocket, looks to use Mewtwo's power to take over the world. A battle ensues during the movie that sees Mewtwo come face to face with its "father" from which he was cloned: Mew.

The film saw more Pokemon battles than you can shake a stick at, with a good number of the monsters getting screen time. While the movie ended with a cataclysmic battle seeing Ash turned into a statue in an attempt to end the war, he was returned back to his original form thanks to his friends and the power of their friendship...we think, that's still a little unclear. We'll have to wait and see if the new animated feature decides to change anything about the story itself or if it is a shot for shot retelling of the first movie.

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