Pokemon Poll Shows How Much Fans Hate Chikorita

The ranks of Pokemon have increased over time, thanks in part to new generations introduced with [...]

The ranks of Pokemon have increased over time, thanks in part to new generations introduced with each video game and with each season of the anime that is released. With each generation comes a handful of new Pokemon that count as "starters", wherein trainers in each region are given the chance to choose which pocket monster they are going to bring on their journey. From Pikachu to Squirtle to Treecko to Chimchar, each new region introduces a new set of starters. A poll was held as to which starter was "the most useless" and unfortunately, Chikorita took home the prize.

Crunchyroll held a poll for Poke-fans across the web, asking fans of the franchise which was the "seriously most useless starter Pokemon" and the leaf type pocket monster of Chikorita was chosen among the 1400 Japanese fans that offered their thoughts on the matter:

Chikorita was one of the starter Pokemon that appeared in the second generation of the franchise, alongside Cyndaquil and Totodile as the fire and water types respectively. Originally appearing Pokemon: Gold and Pokemon: Silver, Chikorita was one of the first pocket monsters that you had the ability to choose from to start your journey into becoming the greatest pocket monster trainers of the Johto region.

When Ash Ketchum entered the region of Johto in the Pokemon anime, he came into contact with a certain Chikorita that pretty much fell head over heels in love with the eternally young trainer. Ash managed to capture a Chikorita and added it to his stable of hard battling Pokemon, helping to expand his team when he entered the new region and encountered a new generation of pocket monsters. Since this initial introduction, the grass type Pokemon had numerous future appearances in the franchise and will surely be making its presence known in the upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive game: Pokemon Sword And Shield!

Much like so many other pocket monsters, Chikorita has the ability to evolve twice from its lowest form, becoming larger and more powerful with Bayleef as its first evolution and Meganium as its second. Much like it's Generation One equivalent in Bulbasaur, Chikorita relies on vines that manage to extend from its body, using the whip like appendages to slap its foes around during random battles.

Do you agree that Chikorita is the most "useless of the starter Pokemon"? What's your most hated pocket monster of the hundreds of creatures available in the franchise? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and Pokemon!