Pokemon Beanbag Chair Features Sun And Moon Starter, Rowlet

The world of Pokemon has seen plenty of "starters" emerge with each new generation, with the trio of pocket monsters normally representing fire, grass, and water types, with the likes of Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle kicking off the trend. One of the most popular starters of all time might just be Rowlet, the owl-type Pokemon that first appeared in Pokemon Sun And Moon and now the beloved creature appears to be getting their own beanbag chair, joining Snorlax in receiving furniture of its own.       

The Alola Region will always be a major part of Ash's life, giving Ketchum the opportunity to become a part of the Masters 8, making him closer than ever before in becoming the greatest trainer in the world. Should Ash not win this current tournament, which would most likely end with him facing down the current champion Leon of Galar, he would basically have to start from scratch, which might be interesting to see should Journeys end and the next season dive right into the new region that is set to be introduced in the upcoming game entries of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Twitter Outlet Pokejungle shared the brand new Rowlet beanbag chair that can currently be picked up thanks in part to the producers at Celutane, with this new strange merchandise retailing for around $200 USD if you're looking to add a Pokemon chair to your collection of furniture:

Rowlet was actually the first catch that Ash made in the Alola Region, with the owl assisting the trainer in making some serious leeway in overcoming the threats that he faced as a part of Pokemon Sun And Moon. Like so many other Pokemon that the anime protagonist has captured over the years, Ash's Rowlet was eventually taken off the frontlines as the young trainer continued his journey to become one of the strongest trainers in the world. With Ketchum adding the likes of Lucario, Dragonite, and Gengar to his roster in the latest season, anime viewers will see if Pokemon Journeys sees Ash achieve his dream.

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