Pokemon Tweet Goes Viral For Team Rocket Wedding

Team Rocket has made a glorious return in the latest season of the Pokemon anime, threatening the [...]

Team Rocket has made a glorious return in the latest season of the Pokemon anime, threatening the world of Ash Ketchum, Go, and Pikachu with a serious power up. Given a device by their boss to help empower their organization, Jesse, James, and Meowth can now access some of the strongest pocket monsters around to aid them in their quest. Besides this new found ability, Team Rocket are still the lovable foes that bungle their way through the adventures of Ash Ketchum and company and now, one particular event from the past has been highlighted by even the official Pokemon Twitter Account!

Jesse and James have long been a pair that have been relegated to something of a joke, appearing before Ash and his pals in ridiculous costumes to attempt to get the upper hand. While most of their disguises have been hilarious, one of the best being when they sported wedding attire with a twist. As James pretended to be the bridge and Jesse the groom, this image has once again been making the rounds on social media!

Pokemon's Official Twitter Account shared a number of different periods in time throughout the anime when Jesse and James, and sometimes Meowth, wore disguises in order to attempt to get the upper hand on their opponents and swipe some Pokemon for their boss:

Ironically enough, Team Rocket's costumes was one of the major things censored for the anime, as during one early episode, both Jesse and James sported female swim suits, with the latter having quite a revealing disguise in order to sell himself as a swimming beauty. The anime aired this scene one time before editing it out from future airings in both Japan and North America! While Team Rocket will still sport disguises regularly in an attempt to hilariously show off their skills, there hasn't been anything quite as revealing as this past moment.

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Pokemon: The Series, is now airing new episodes weekly in Japan, but unfortunately is still not officially licensed for an English language release as of this writing. There's also a brand new film on the way to Japan this Summer, Pokemon the Movie: Coco.