Pokemon: Twilight Wings Releases Episode 3

Pokemon: Twilight Wings is back with a brand-new episode, and it marks one of its most emotional [...]

Pokemon: Twilight Wings is back with a brand-new episode, and it marks one of its most emotional yet. The special series gives fans a look into Galar life as it follows the trainers introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Today, the show put out its third episode, and it will have fans looking at Wooloo and Hop in a whole new light.

As you can see above below, the new episode marks the entrance of Hop to the anime. The trainer should be familiar to Pokemon fans as he is a major part of the Eighth Generation. In Galar, your main rival is Hop as you play through Pokemon Sword and Shield, but gamers never got to see Hop this vulnerable before.

The episode begins with Hop watching a match with the League Champion against Bea, a gym leader in Galar. The fight leaves Hop all kinds of impressed, and he showers the Champion with praise since Leon is his older brother. It is clear that Hop is enamored with Charizard during the fight, but Wooloo is none too happy about all the praise the Fire-Type is getting.

After all, Wooloo is Hop's Pokemon, and it wants to impress his owner. The Pokemon tries hard to live up to the power of Charizard, but it hasn't leveled up enough to touch the dragon. This prompts Wooloo to throw a little pity party, and when the Pokemon believes Hop has abandoned him, the lil' sheep runs away from home.

And as you can imagine, the episode gets real sad from there. Fans are left to watch Hop and Wooloo angst over one another until they are finally reunited. The painful adventure will make fans the slightest bit weepy, and there is absolutely no judgement for it.

Right now, this episode marks one of the most powerful in Pokemon: Twilight Wings, and fans can expect a fourth episode to debut next month. Each release hits Youtube for free in both English and Japanese, so you can start looking forward to episode four in April.

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