Prince Of Tennis Musical Apologizes After A Fan Was Struck With A Racket

If you have any plans to see the popular Prince of Tennis musical anytime soon, you may want to [...]

If you have any plans to see the popular Prince of Tennis musical anytime soon, you may want to invest in a helmet. Over in Japan, the acclaimed sports anime was adapted into a live-action play, but the show's last performance went a bit awry. Today, the staff of Prince of Tennis released an official apology to fans after a rogue tennis racket accidentally whacked an unassuming audience member.

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On Sunday, the accident in question took place during the show's 6:00 p.m. performance. One of the actor's racket flew from their hands and hit an audience member. The victim was said to have been taken to the hospital, but no injuries were found.

During the performance, the folks behind Prince of Tennis apologized to the guest before addressing the crowd at large. Staff wanted to say sorry for worrying anyone in the audience, and they promised to review their safety procedures for securing loose props.

Based on Takeshia Konomi's manga, Prince of Tennis musicals are currently adapting the anime's third season. Currently, the project is tapping the Seigaku v. Rokkaku storyline. The most recent play started on January 20th and will continue its tour in provincial areas before Prince of Tennis returns to Tokyo. The first plays kicked off back in 2003 before the second run began in 2011.

If you are not familiar with The Prince of Tennis, then you should know that the series was born back in July 1999. The sports manga ran for 379 chapters and a sequel is currently in production. In 2001, the franchise was made into an anime which bolster the popularity of The Prince of Tennis worldwide. For many anime fans, the show was their first introduction to the world of sports anime.

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The story follows a group of athletes who all attend a prestigious school known for its tennis program. Focusing on Ryoma Echizen, The Prince of Tennis shows the sports prodigy as he takes on various opponents and tries to make his dream of becoming the Nation Middle School Tennis Championship a reality.

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