Prison Break Is Getting An Actual Manga Adaptation

It has been awhile since fans have heard from Prison Break. Despite a short revival awhile back, the popular drama has faded into syndication, but it seems one industry is ready to give the Fox TV series a second go.

After all, an official manga adaptation is being made of Prison Break, and no — that is not a joke.

According to recent reports, Prison Break was optioned for a manga adaptation and recently put out its first chapter. The official manga adaptation of Prison Break hit up Piccoma on Sunday.

prison break
(Photo: 20th Century Fox)

It turns out Hikosuke Soyama is the newcomer behind the new adaptation. Season one is currently getting adapted by the online series with 20th Century Fox's remaining divisions overseeing the remake.

Despite the series getting a manga adaptation, none of its characters or locations are being changed. Prison Break still takes place in Fox River State Penitentiary where the show originally took place. The manga tells the story of Michael, a man who is determined to save his older brother Lincoln from prison after being framed for murder. Armed with a plan, Michael enters the prison and tries to break out his brother from the inside.

While fans might be surprised by this decision, this is far from the first time Japan has adapted Western titles into manga. Not long ago, BBC worked with Japanese artists to make an official Sherlock adaptation. Currently, Titan Comics is publishing the manga in English, so it is only a matter of time before Prison Break comes to the U.S. for readers to enjoy.

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via ANN