Rent-a-Girlfriend Fans Worried Creator Might Love Their Heroine Too Much

Rent-a-Girlfriend is getting ready to return this Summer with its highly anticipated second season, and the creator behind the series might have gotten a little too ready as fans have begun to wonder whether or not the creator is taking his love of Chizuru Mizuhara too far. While Rent-a-Girlfriend's manga was already a success in its own right before the anime's debut season it, Reiji Miyajima's original series has now reached a whole new wave of fans as they are introduced to the four main heroines (and titular "girlfriends") of the series. Each one with their own dedicated fanbase too.

As it turns out, series creator Reiji Miyajima is just as huge of a fan as Chizuru as fans of the series are. Then again, it's starting to appear to fans that it might be even more than that as the creator has shared some pretty unique art works that showcase Chizuru living alongside the creator as his own girlfriend. These works have placed the creator's art in some real world locations (including a few intimate situations), and thus has fans wondering whether or not these works have gone too far. You can check out a collection of them gathered by @AniNewsAndFacts on Twitter below to judge for yourself: 

While these seem like they go "too far," it's also in line with how many manga creators view their various characters. There have bene notable examples of romantic comedy works branching out in new ways thanks to their respective creators, so these particular works aren't the wildest thing. Especially when considering that they look as good as they do, and fits right into the entire theme of the series as Chizuru works as a rental girlfriend for the main protagonist of the series itself. While some might seem more intimate, it's likely just the creator being playful

But it's also a playfulness that can be considered as "too far" for some such as the fans pointing out the nature of these latest artworks. For others, it's just fun new looks at Chizuru in different kinds of situations that fans might not get to see in the main work. As for that main work, Rent-a-Girlfriend Season 2 will be streaming with Crunchyroll starting next month and you can catch up with the first season there as well

How do you feel about Rent-a-Girlfriend's creator's tributes to Chizuru? Is this going too far? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!