Rick And Morty Channels Gladiator in Stunning New Short

Rick and Morty's fourth season may have already come to an end with Rick Sanchez struggling with [...]

Rick and Morty's fourth season may have already come to an end with Rick Sanchez struggling with the true identity of his daughter versus her clone, but that isn't stopping Adult Swim from creating new promos using the popular characters to promote their programming block! What is easily one of the most popular television series on Cartoon Network today, the animated series has already been confirmed for multiple seasons in the future and we're sure that Rick and Morty will continue to deliver surreal, hilarious adventures that show the grandfather/grandson team travelling across the universe.

One of the big strengths of Rick and Morty has always been the limitless potential for their adventures, with both characters, and the Smith family, having the ability to travel not only through the universe, but to alternate realities and through time itself. Though Rick is hardly the ideal role model considering his hard drinking and perchance to put his grandson in danger time and time again, it is entirely possible to view this promo as an actual in continuity event that took place in the series that was created by Dan Harmon of Community fame!

The Official Twitter Account for Rick And Morty shared this surreal Adult Swim promo that features Morty in the role of Caesar, being given the head of Rick Sanchez that is seemingly not as lifeless as it appears to be, showing just how surreal the popular series can be when it needs to be:

Though a release date for the fifth season of Rick and Morty has yet to be confirmed, the creators behind the animated series have gone on record stating that the wait for the next installment of episodes won't be as long as the one that took place between seasons three and four. The story of Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith has become so popular not just thanks to the insanity of their adventures, but due to how three dimensional their characters are, exploring topics such as loneliness, depression, love, and a multitude of other emotions.

With the series featuring a number of alternate reality versions of Rick and Morty, it is entirely possible that a "Gladiator" version of this pair has happened but has yet to be explored.

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