Rick and Morty Surprises Fans With Content Warning Before New Season 6 Episode

Rick and Morty might have taken on all sorts of wild adult-oriented subjects in the six seasons of the series' run so far, but the newest episode really caught fans by surprise when it opened with a warning about its particular chosen content about suicide in the heaviest episode in the season (and series) to date. Rick and Morty has explored Rick's darker feelings in the past with some of the most memorable moments in the series to date, but the newest episode of Season 6 took this to a new evolution by having Rick react to another character's darker feelings. 

It was an episode that dealt with some truly heavy topics that Season 6 hasn't dealt with before, and the start of Episode 8, "Analyze Piss" began with a warning to fans who choose to avoid media that explores elements of suicide, and more serious conversations. That's why Rick and Morty and Adult Swim was sure to warn fans plenty with the opening message of, "The following episode contains strong conversations and depictions of suicide that may be disturbing to viewers." 

(Photo: Adult Swim)

Why Does Rick and Morty Have a Content Warning? 

"Analyze Piss," despite the ridiculous nature of the villain, and ridiculous name of its key villain Pissmaster, explores the topic of suicide in very real ways with not only a character taking their own life, but Rick being involved in the wake of such an act. It's a troubling conversation to have considering that previous seasons have seen Rick trying to take his own life, and while those episodes didn't carry the same warnings back then, it's much more serious this time around as there was an actual death and consequences that stemmed from it. 

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It wasn't just about the warning, however, as following the episode Rick and Morty and Adult Swim also shared a message telling those struggling with these feelings to reach out for help, "If you or someone you know is struggling or in crisis, help is available. Call or text 988 or chat 988lifeline.org" So it does help to cement that these topics weren't included carelessly or just for humor purposes. 

If you, or someone you know, is struggling with a mental health crisis, there is no shame in asking for help: just call 988, or go to this website to learn more information about suicide prevention.