Rick And Morty Cosplay Creates Disturbingly Accurate "Wooden Jerry"

Rick And Morty has returned, with its sixth season further exploring the multiverse and recently involving Summer Smith taking part in a hilarious "Die Hard". With the next episode already revealing that Jerry will be giving quite the awkward Thanksgiving toast, new cosplay revisits a stranger take on the Smith Family's father figure. Wooden Jerry remains a bonker entry in the duplicates that were created to mimic the Smith Clan, with one cosplayer deciding to bring back the "decoy" using some spot-on, terrifying cosplay.

The now legendary "decoy episode" of Rick And Morty took place in the fifth season installment, Mortpilicity, which saw the Smith family's duplicates making duplicates of their own and so on. With there now existing hundreds, if not thousands, of versions of Rick, Morty, Summer, Jerry, and Beth, an all-out war broke out in which the many Smith families attempted to claim their place as the real deal. Of course, the amazing twist of the installment was that the actual Summers were off-world when all this was happening, participating in an adventure with Space Beth and since season five, no decoys have appeared in Rick And Morty, though season six is still young

Instagram Cosplayer Doccane created this impressive recreation of "Wooden Jerry", the decoy version of Jerry that was quite different from the other decoys that we saw in the season five episode that was one of the most mind-bending installments of the Adult Swim series so far:

The Adult Swim series hasn't been shy when it comes to creating alternate versions of Rick And Morty, whether they hail from an alternate reality or from a test tube. In the season six premiere, most revelations were revealed when it came to the Smiths, as "Prime Rick" is now gunning for the Rick Sanchez that we've come to know throughout the animated series. While we've barely started season six, the creative minds behind the Cartoon Network show have already confirmed that production is beginning on season eight with the co-creators stating that they'd love for the series to continue forever.

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