Rick and Morty Star Reacts to Jerry's Big Wins in Season 6 (Exclusive)

Rick And Morty's sixth season has added new lore to each member of the Smith Family, but perhaps no character has gone through more than Jerry, the patriarchal member of the family that remains unemployed and can never quite get his life together. With the premiere episode seeing a big revelation revealed when it came to just which universe this Jerry Smith hails from, our own Nick Valdez had the opportunity to chat with none other than the voice of Jerry himself, Chris Parnell, who you might also recognize for his roles as a part of Saturday Night Live, Archer, and 30 Rock to name a few.

Jerry's role in the first episode of this latest season revealed that this version of Jerry was accidentally swiped from another universe, with Rick and Morty taking the wrong version of the character from "Jerry Day Care", a locale used by the mad scientist to house alternate versions of Morty's father. Following this season premiere, Jerry had to come to grips with his wife falling in love with the alternate version of herself, Space Beth, as well as having to be put into a horrifyingly uncomfortable scenario involving his own mother and a future that was dictated by a fortune cookie. 

Rick & Morty & Jerry

Chris Parnell had this to say when it came to the victories that the head of the Smith Clan has experienced this season, along with the mind-bending revelations that have seen Jerry having to step up to the plate a bit more than in previous seasons: 

"That was really fun because Jerry got to be a lot darker and more grim than he usually is. And that was an interesting side of him to see, so I loved that. And then the night people, we all got to be weirdos and that was really fun. But, yeah, it's always nice to see Jerry have wins because Jerry can be pretty pathetic at times. And so to see him have a little victory is satisfying as the guy who plays Jerry, then also just as a fan."

What do you think of Jerry's current status in this latest season? Do you think the original Jerry of this universe will return at some point in the near future? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of the Smith Family.