Rick and Morty Just Killed Marvel's Galactus

Rick and Morty just killed Galactus in Season 5 and the Internet is reeling. The Transformers also [...]

Rick and Morty just killed Galactus in Season 5 and the Internet is reeling. The Transformers also made a huge appearance during the first half of the episodes. So, the fans are going bananas about the reveal. Rick and Jerry are out to mess with some Cenobites from Hellraiser. But, that leaves Summer, Morty, and new kid in school Bruce Chutback out to cause some problems in the universe. It's been hysterical to watch the season veer wildly across the episodes so far. But, having Summer driving Rick's ship and then dragging a sun behind them takes the cake. It wouldn't be a Rick and Morty episode without someone biting the dust though. Galactus comes and eats the solar system that the ship was dragging. However, The Eater of Worlds' reign was never meant to last as the kids dispatched him. As far as sight gags go, this has been the strangest episode of Season 5 yet.

Fans still wonder about some of the mysteries behind the series. Showrunner Scott Marder talked to Monsters and Critics about how this family actually ages.

"Age all that stuff comes up [in the writer's room] all the time because sometimes people are like 'Oh it can be such and such's birthday,' and we're like 'We don't do them on this show,'" Marder said. "We'll do a thousand Christmases, but we're never going to show a birthday…It's kind of fun in cartoons to keep everyone the same age as it is…so that sort of stuff we play with." But when asked about what age Rick could feasibly be, Marder believes Rick's current body is in its seventies.

"I feel like, given all the tech and all the stuff he has in his body, his body is in its seventies," Marder added. "I'm not sure how old Rick himself is because if you look closely at the show, no one really has birthdays, so they are in a weird time hole [or] time loop to some degree. But whatever he does is maintaining himself in his seventies." So while fans might never know how old Rick really is, we do have a general ballpark of how old he might generally be at this point.

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