Rick and Morty Season 5 Releases Episode 5 Promo: Watch

Rick And Morty's fifth season has dived into making fun of popular characters including the likes [...]

Rick And Morty's fifth season has dived into making fun of popular characters including the likes of Marvel's Namor, Captain Planet, and more in the first four episodes, and it seems that the next episode won't just be diving into the world of anime, but the world of the occult as well. Sporting the title "Amortyican Grickfitti,", it's clear that the Adult Swim series is looking to take a swing at the some new material.

The first four episodes of this latest season have seen Morty placed into some insane situations, with the premiere episode featuring the youngest member of the Smith Clan diving into an alternate reality where entire timelines are devoted to ending his life. Following this, Morty's love life was explored as he entered into a relationship with a bizarre version of Captain Planet in Planetina, who was being exploited by her versions of the Planeteers that would bring her to life in order to make their money and save the world if it was convenient for them. Needless to say, it will be interesting to see what big changes lie in store for Morty with this upcoming installment if any.

Rick And Morty Promo
(Photo: Cartoon Network)

Rick on the other hand has had some wild times in this latest season, creating several decoys that eliminated one another to determine which was the true version of the Smith family, while also traveling to many doomed alien worlds in order to party like there was no tomorrow. Sanchez has always been an interesting character in that despite being a god thanks to his insane level of genius, he has struggled with serious levels of depression throughout the series, and still has yet to truly get a handle on his emotions.

Recently, Rick And Morty has been inserting its characters into a number of Claymation shorts that place the Smith family into some of the biggest science fiction and horror movies of the past, poking fun at the likes of Godzilla Vs. Kong, Hereditary, Hobo With A Shotgun, and Tremors. Needless to say, we definitely expect more parodies to come our way before the fifth season comes to a close.

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