Rick and Morty Fans Notice Game Changing Plot Hole

Rick and Morty fans have noticed something huge missing in Season 5's with a game changing plot [...]

Rick and Morty fans have noticed something huge missing in Season 5's with a game changing plot hole! The Adult Swim animated series is now nearing its halfway point, and at the time of writing, the fifth episode of the fifth season is gearing up for its premiere. The series has been one of the hardest to predict as fans have seen dramatically differing tones and concepts from around the first few episodes thus far. But they have also noticed something missing despite all of these major developments in the series to this point.

Although the fourth episode of the season had to be the strangest episode so far (and potentially the series as a whole), something fans had taken away was something even stranger about the way Rick has been acting. Despite being a key part of the series for the first four seasons, fans have noticed that Rick has yet to use his famous portal gun in the episodes thus far and instead has travelled from place to place manually in his spaceship as seen in the second and third episodes (and the family wagon in the fourth episode).

Rick and Morty Season 5 Premiere Date Trailer
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As fans such as ActionFilmsFan1995 on Reddit have pointed out, Rick has yet to use his portal gun in the first four episodes and something could be "up" as a result. Given how meticulously the series plans even the wildest of its jokes, the lack of the series' now famous portal gun (especially considering how big of a role in played in the fourth season finale) has become a serious point of interest and potentially a plot hole that could be explained and filled in the rest of the season.

There's probably not a huge plot point surrounding his lack of use of the portal gun, and there's a good chance that we'll see it in use with the fifth or future episodes of the season. As has been explained in several looks into how the episodes are made, the team behind the season usually goes for what makes for the most dynamic or fun episode. The portal gun has been used as a quick way to go from point A to B in the past to get between locations quickly, but the scenes inside of the vehicles are often used for smaller character work and gags.

That's most likely what's going on here. It's just been more interesting to see Rick travel around with the others (such as the space sperm chase), and is a small reflection of how he doesn't usually go on adventures by himself anymore if he has a choice in the matter. But with as ubiquitous as the portal gun has become, it's likely not a huge plot hole that we haven't seen it yet. But what do you think? Do you think Season 5's lack of a portal gun is a big deal? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments!