Rick and Morty Season 6 Traps the Duo in Roy Game With Episode 2

Rick and Morty's sixth season has kicked into high gear as the premiere episode introduced a whole new antagonist while setting the next status quo for the series moving forward! Now that the second episode is upon us, there are lots of questions as to how it could possibly follow up such a huge episode full of big reveals. It turns out the answer is to follow the premiere with an episode that feels like the "classic" Rick and Morty adventures fans love to see play out as well with a welcome return to some more of the series' biggest moments and gags. 

Season 6 started out with a pretty intense continuation of the end of the fifth season, and now that the stage has been set again for regular weekly adventures, the series has opened up some time for more Roy at Blips and Chitz! There's some Die Hard sprinkled in to food good measure! Read on for a full breakdown of everything that happened in the Rick and Morty Season 6 episode, "Rick: A Mort Well Lived":

(Photo: Adult Swim)
  • The episode opens with a grocery store manage yelling at a group of kids in Morty's voice. It's soon revealed that each of the kids also has Morty's voice, and another kid dressed as Morty approaches them and tells them that their grandfather is trying to get their attention. It's apparently this cult where they all believe that Roy (from Roy: A Life Well Lived) is their grandfather. 
  • It's soon revealed that Rick is speaking through Roy and trying to tell everyone that they are his grandson named Morty and are stuck in a video game and he's trying to save them. Roy (in Rick's voice) explains that while Morty entered the game, a group of terrorists invaded Blips and Chitz and the power went out. Restarting the game, Morty's identity had thus been splinted across every single NPC in the game. Now Rick's in there as Roy to save Morty before he dies. 
  • On the outside, it's revealed that Summer is stuck on the outside as Rick advises her to "do a Die Hard" because he'll be stuck inside the game saving Morty. After the opening, one of the kids from the beginning has decided to fully become a Morty and her family (also in Morty's voice) is angered over her choices. On the outside, Summer sees the terrorists but ends up getting their attention. They're aware someone's trying to "do a Die Hard." 
  • Inside the game, Rick is still having trouble recruiting Mortys and soon the Marines break into one of the gatherings and the girl from the beginning (who is now just another Morty, originally names Marta) manages to convince the Marines they're Mortys too. Then Rick makes Marta Morty his right hand Morty. Back on the outside, Summer managed to take down the first of the terrorist and when asked if she's doing a Die Hard, and the leader of the group reveals he's a Die Hard enthusiast who's written several Die Hard books across multiple species and cultures. 
  • As Summer struggles on the outside, time has passed so fast that Morty is starting to piece himself together as everyone around the world begins to accept they are also Mortys. Rick reveals that his newest plan as Roy is to bring as many of the Mortys in a fleet of spaceships into space in order to hit the edges of the game and reset it to save Morty. At the same time, Marta Morty's Dad is brought to the other Mortys and he's since lost his wife and tries to pretend his Morty for his daughter's benefit. 
  • On the outside, Summer kills more of the terrorists and while the leader tries to move onto the next phase of the movie, Summer continues to blindly fire her lasers while yelling "Die Hard." Inside the game, Roy Rick and Marta Morty now speak with the "President" and he initially refuses to go with Rick's plan. Explaining to Marta Morty that he already figured out he was a Morty long ago, he's actually refusing because Rick's entitled and treats him terribly. He wonders why Rick needs help from his grandson, when that only means helping Summer with her Die Hard or whatever other wacky thing they want to do. 
  • He explains that Rick's definition of "grandson" doesn't come with all the usual aspects of the connection like hugs, fun trips, etc. He explains that there are still sides of Morty that hate him, and that even though he's spent so many simulated years in the game he has yet to tell Morty he loves in. At the same time, Rick prepares to leave with 92% of the completed Morty, and Marta Morty starts to refuse too as the other Mortys start to deny Rick too. But Marta Morty explains that they will all go with Rick but he just needs to say that he loves Morty. 
  • His extended pause then kicks off a huge civil war between the Mortys that want to stay in the game and those that want to go. It turns into a huge bloodbath that lasts for many years, and when Rick asks why, Morty refuses. Rick tries to the Marta Morty that he loves and respects Morty (and that they need to save Summer), and soon it's revealed that Summer's pinned down by the terrorists as they have given up on trying to recreate Die Hard. 
  • Coming across Rick and Morty plugged into Roy the terrorists now hold them hostage to lure out Summer. In the game, generations have passed to the point as Marty Morty has aged and now has a daughter that wants to escape the game too. Her father is lying on his death bed, and is angered over the fact that Marta won't leave as he dies. Marta Morty then meets with Roy Rick and tells him that all the Mortys left will leave with him. Rick tries to tell him that he's proud, and it cuts back to the outside. 
  • Summer arrives and walks up empty handed, and he asks her whether or not she taped a gun to her back. She then reveals that she learned about Die Hard's ending when reading one of the terrorist leader's groups on it and did have a gun on her back. At the same time, Roy Rick and all the Mortys enter the spaceships and get themselves out of the game. Morty seems a bit odd however as he says he trusts Rick implicitly but it's clear that he still is trying to piece himself together. 
  • Rick says he got "every last piece," but then the plugged in Roy machine orders for the last game to keep running with an internal battery plugged in and locking it away in storage. Rick's kept it to where even if Roy died when they all went to space, it's going to keep going to allow Marta Morty (who finally just goes back to her Marta identity after everything she's been through) to live out her full life. 
  • The post-credits scene then follows it all up with a parody of Die Hard 3 featuring the brother of the Hans Gruber pastiche. 

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