Rick and Morty Writers Already Working on Season 6

The fifth season of Rick and Morty has yet to air, but the creative forces behind the show are [...]

The fifth season of Rick and Morty has yet to air, but the creative forces behind the show are already working on the next batch of episodes. As revealed during a Twitch-exclusive event competing with Comic-Con@Home, Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon revealed a virtual writer's room has already been assembled for Season Six as the writers work remotely during coronavirus quarantining.

Harmon then followed up the reveal with an Instagram post where he revealed a hilarious "hack" he's been using in said Zoom meetings. "When we started the season 6 writers room, I made this video loop of me listening to ideas so I could set it as my Zoom background if I needed to step out," Harmon said in the post. "Three months later, I realized I'd been using it pretty much non-stop for three months so I updated the audio to avoid suspicion."

He followed it up in the comments section, adding "Trivia: I actually did record this during a writers room so in the original audio @vornietom's British accent can be heard faintly through the earbuds saying something like "an entity within a simulated universe," hope your new gig is half the fun vorns."

Prior to the launch of Season Four, Adult Swim, Harmon, and Justin Roiland agreed to a massive deal that is set to result in at least 70 additional episodes of the fan-favorite animated hit. As the past three seasons had 10 episodes each, it stands to reason the order would take the show a tenth season, if we include Season Four in the 70-episode order.

Roiland also co-created Solar Opposites for Hulu, another fan-favorite show. During a Hulu panel at Comic-Con, Roiland expressed doubt whether his new show and Rick and Morty would ever crossover. "You've gotta ask these giant, lumbering mega corporations that have merged together like water droplets, just growing into a giant ocean-sized whatever," Roiland said. "Maybe if they just merge together into one giant thing it'll happen."

Rick and Morty Season 5 has yet to set a release date.