Adult Swim Celebrates World UFO Day With Hilarious Rick and Morty Sighting

Adult Swim is celebrating World UFO Day with a hilarious Rick and Morty sighting! July 2nd is World UFO Day, a day of general awareness that tasks those interesting in whether or not there are more beings out there to look into the skies and keep an eye out for potential unidentified flying objects. While there are several different reports as to when or where it actually got started, it's generally considered that July 2nd is when a UFO had reportedly crash landed in Roswell, New Mexico back in 1947.

Adult Swim got in the fun of celebrating this special day by tapping into one of their own space faring series with a hilarious promo that shows a news report managing to spot Rick and Morty in Rick's spaceship floating out there in space. Given that a model of Rick and Morty in that same spaceship was actually launched into space as part of the celebration for Season 5's premiere earlier this Summer, it's that much more funny. Check out the fun promo for yourself below:

Rick and Morty's fifth season is now well underway as it continues its slated run of ten episodes with the third episode, "A Rickconvenient Mort" on Sunday, July 4th at 11:00PM EST on Adult Swim. As for what we can expect to see, that's harder to guess as the first two episodes have played around with the canonical expectations that fans might have had following the finale from the fourth season. But the series creators are teasing that more of these serialized story bits are still coming this season.

As co-creator Justin Roiland had teased in a previous interview with Variety, there will be some things fans will be excited to see, "[T]his season we have a lot of really fun evergreen classic Rick and Morty adventures," Roiland began. "But like we do every season there's going to be some cool larger serialized stuff that we're going to hit...I know the fans are going to be pretty excited about..." Roiland continued, "I'm really excited for it to hit. I think it's one of the better seasons that we've had in quite a while."


But how are you feeling about Rick and Morty's fifth season so far? What are you hoping to see before the season comes to an end? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!