Rick and Morty Season 6 Promo Teases Wormageddon: Watch

Rick and Morty season six is on the horizon, and all eyes are on the show ahead of its big comeback. After all, Adult Swim has confirmed the comedy will return this fall with all-new adventures featuring the entire Smith-Sanchez brood. Of course, this means the family will run into new villains, and a new promo for season six is here with a taste of what Wormaggdeon will be like for the gang.

As you can see above, the teaser was shared on YouTube earlier today by the Adult Swim team. It was there fans got a special look at season six well ahead of its September release. The clip highlights a strange space egg as it hurdles through all sorts of phenomena amongst the stars. And at the end of its journey, the egg hatches some gnarly worms in the middle of a boiling volcano.

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The promo makes it clear that these extraterrestrial worms are bad news, and you only have to peep its title to see that. After all, you don't invoke armageddon without good reason. If Rick and Morty is about to contend with a so-called Wormageddon, the show is going to get wild in season six. So if Summer thought her adventures with Uncle Rick would be tame, well – she can think again.

For anyone out of the loop with Rick and Morty, season six promos have been ramping up as of late following its premiere announcement. Adult Swim will launch new episodes of the comedy starting September 4th. If you need to catch up on the show ahead of time, Rick and Morty is streaming on HBO Max and Hulu. So if you want to check out Wormageddon for yourself, you have less than a month to brace for impact!

Are you hyped for Rick and Morty to launch its new season? What do you want to see from season six? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.