‘Spider-Man’ Manga Series Announced

Spider-Man has had a busy few years, and it looks like the hero has just gotten started. With movies on the way and a video game topping the charts, Spider-Man is ready to tackle his next task, and that will be a brand-new manga.

Yes, that’s right. Peter Parker is ready to swing into Japan, and fans will be able to check out the special series soon.

Over on Twitter, artist Yusuke Osawa confirmed he is working on a brand-new Spider-Man manga.

“It’s finally announced! I will do a special Spider-Man series for the Marvel Manga Award,” he shared with fans.

As you can see above, the post contained a brief look at the project. It seems the series will be titled Spider-Man: I’m Not A Hero. The special manga will be printed by Kodansha and act as the second series born from the Marvel Manga Awards.

Earlier this year, fans were informed the event would be an annual one after Marvel Comics confirmed its 2018 round. The event was opened to amateurs and professionals. The winner would have their series put in Weekly Shonen Magazine under Kodansha, and a series of top-tier judges oversaw the event. Hiro Mashima, the creator of Fairy Tail, sat on the board alongside Marvel Comics editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski and CCO Joe Quesada.

Spider-Man won the contest this time around, but he was not the first winner. In the contest’s first year, it was Rocket Raccoon who won. The Guardians of the Galaxy got their own spin-off manga under artist Kohei Uchida. The title, Guardians of the Galaxy: Galaxy Rush, moved forward and was digitally published under DeNA.

For those unfamiliar with Osawa, the artist has had his work published before. Most notably, Osawa created a shonen title called Green Worldz. The series is set in a world where global warming brought Earth to its knees. In a desperate attempt to reverse the phenomenon, super-plants were created to combat global warming, but the experiment led to sentient plants who want to bring down their makers.


Right now, there is no word on how long this manga will run, but fans expect it will be a limited series like Guardians of the Galaxy: Galaxy Rush. This new project adds another manga notch to the Marvel hero's belt as the icon has starred in a manga series before. Back in the 1970s, Kodansha published Spider-Man: The Manga as the story followed a student named Yu Komori who inherited powers similar to Peter Parker's.

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