Spy x Family Adds Major Twist to Anya's Hostage Situation

Spy x Family's manga has reached a very intense stage as Anya Forger has found herself caught within a major hostage crisis, and the newest chapter of the series has introduced a surprising wrinkle to the situation following the intense cliffhanger from the previous chapter! The manga has kicked off a dangerous new arc for the Forger Family as Anya is now in some deadly trouble without Loid or Yor being able to quickly save her, and thus she has had to work with the rest of her class in order to get out of this terrible situation they are now in.

The previous chapter of Spy x Family saw Anya and Becky working on a plan to somehow tell people on the outside that their school bus had been hijacked by terrorists, and though they were able to send a message out, things got much worse as one of them had attached a bomb to Anya's neck as the chapter came to an end. With the newest chapter of the series picking up immediately after this, Anya's powers end up revealing a surprising twist to the bomb that thankfully takes the immediate danger away. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Why is Anya Being Taken Hostage? 

Chapter 71 of Spy x Family picks up shortly after Anya gets a bomb strapped to her neck, and it's revealed that the terrorists are from a group known as the Red Circus. It's revealed that the Blackbell company is moving quickly to rescue Becky, and even Yuri Briar finds out from the secret police that this is all going down. Thankfully it means it won't be much longer before they somehow save Anya, but she's able to breathe easier much sooner. 

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Her mind reading powers end up revealing that the bomb around her neck is a fake one as even the Red Circus group wouldn't do that to kids. They just need it to seem real to intimidate them to get them to behave, and Anya is able to breathe a little easier. But as fans know, she soon takes this too far and ends up so calm that Damien Desmond ends up with one attached to his neck as well. So now while she's not in danger from the bomb, Damien has become a prime hostage thanks to Anya's actions. 

Are you glad to see Anya doesn't have a bomb strapped to her neck? How do you think she and other students will be able to get out of this hostage crisis? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!