Spy x Family Cliffhanger Puts Anya in Grave Danger

Spy x Family has kicked off one of the most dangerous missions in the manga's run to date, and the final moments from the newest chapter has put Anya in some very grave danger with her life at stake! The latest chapters of the series started its newest arc with a seemingly lighter touch as it teased that we would be following Anya once more on a regular school day adventure much like seen in the series' past, but things quickly went south when Anya's bus full of her and her classmates was hijacked by a new terrorist group. 

This was already intense enough on its own, but things got even worse with the newest chapter of the series. As Anya and the rest of her classmates tried to get a grasp on their situation and maybe even get some potential help, Anya herself gets caught in the middle of it all. Making matters even worse, she ends up the target of the most dangerous threat possible as not only has been become a hostage but now her life is directly on the line with no potential help on the horizon yet. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

What Happens in Spy x Family Chapter 70? 

Chapter 70 of Spy x Family kicks off shortly after Anya's school bus is hijacked, and she's immediately overwhelmed by the worried thoughts of everyone else around. When things finally calm down, Anya uses her ability to figure out where the hijackers are ultimately going. Working together with Damien and Becky, Anya is able to warn those on the outside of the bus that they were in trouble. Unfortunately, this gets the attention of the hijackers as well. 

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When she's caught, one of the hijackers puts a bomb collar on her neck. Threatening to set it off if she touches it or any of her friends make any sudden moves, Anya's now in more danger than ever before. There's no real hope of Loid getting there as he's currently away on a distant mission, so now it remains to be seen whether or not she can actually get out of this one unscathed. 

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