Star Wars: Visions Producer Says Live-Action Appearances Are Possible

Star Wars has traveled to a lot of insane locales over the course of its decades-long history, but Disney+ brought the franchise that introduced the world to Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader to the world of anime with its latest series, Star Wars: Visions. Recently, the producer of the animated series discussed the possibility of any of these nine stories and their characters making a jump to the world of live-action, noting that the events that took place in the first Star Wars anime could someday find their way into a brand new medium.

With Star Wars: Visions, fans of the saga of the Jedi and the Sith witnessed nine unique tales, with them apparently taking place outside of the main canon of the franchise but offering some of the most amazing stories in the franchise. With entries like "The Duel", "The Twins", and "T0-B1" being produced by a number of anime studios, Visions marks the first time that an official Star Wars story has been brought into the world of anime. In a recent interview from producer James Waugh with The Direct, the creative mind behind the Star Wars anime hinted that the stories from Visions could eventually return in unique new ways, while also noting that the story of "The Duel" will be appearing in an upcoming book:

"I think that's always possible. I would say that it could be our continuing with some of this storytelling, we're doing a book with Del Rey right now that carries forth "The Duel" story, it's called Ronin, with a really interesting author."  

On top of this quote, Waugh also further explored the idea of these stories and their characters making a comeback:

"We want to explore these characters in other mediums, for sure. Whether or not you'll see these characters in live-action, or in our core animation - I don't know, is the honest answer there."

While the second season of Star Wars: Visions has yet to be confirmed, fans of the latest series would love to see the various stories make a comeback, along with the studios that made these tales happen.

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Via The Direct