Studio Ghibli Shares Behind-The-Scenes Photos of Hayao Miyazaki at Work

Studio Ghibli most likely wouldn't be one of the most legendary animation studios in the world today if not for the work of one of its biggest creators, Hayao Miyazaki, and the studio recently gave fans the ability to see some "behind the scenes" shots of the master at work. Miyazaki was originally set to retire from animation, leaving the world of Ghibli behind him, but the call to create new worlds and continue to expand his own creativity was seemingly too strong and he has since returned to the anime powerhouse to work on new properties moving forward!

Ghibli released a brand new feature-length film late last year in Earwig And The Witch, sharing with us a new story that decided to take a step away from the traditional two-dimensional animation that the studio has been known for and utilize computer-generated animation instead. Still, Miyazaki is clearly still a fan of the animation that put Ghibli on the map, as the animator is seen using pencil and paper in these "behind the scenes" images. The next movie in Ghibli's library is set to adapt a popular novel, "How Do You Live?", that should be arriving into theaters this year!

Studio Ghibli revealed two new photos of the master of anime at work, showing fans how Hayao Miyazaki works diligently on creating the timeless tales that have helped win the animation house awards and an untold amount of acclaim during its history:

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