Studio Ghibli: Hayao Miyazaki's New Film Updates Deadline

Studio Ghibli has been quiet for some time now, but the legendary company is eyeing a major [...]

Studio Ghibli has been quiet for some time now, but the legendary company is eyeing a major comeback. With director Hayao Miyazaki out of retirement, the artist is working on a brand-new film, and the title has updated its release deadline once more.

However, as it turns out, it seems Miyazaki's deadline update is that there is no deadline.

Recently, fans learned more about the Studio Ghibli project when a new issue of Bungei Shunju went live. The magazine contained a piece written by Toshio Suzuki, a longtime producer at Studio Ghibli. He wrote in-depth about Miyazaki's work on How Do You Live?, and he said the director is working on the title as if it has no deadline.

"With the production of this new film, we're experimenting with having no established deadline. I'm looking forward to how that comes through in the work," Suzuki confirmed.

The producer went on to say Miyazaki has always worked under deadlines at Studio Ghibli. When his next film was first announced, the studio released a tentative schedule for its release, but Suzuki says all those potential dates have been thrown out.

With no set premiere in site, fans are wondering when How Do You Live? will be released. The film began production awhile back, and Miyazaki said in a 2017 interview he'd need 3-4 years to complete the project.

For those unfamiliar with How Do You Live?, you should know it is yet another adaptation. The project is based on a famous children's story by Yoshino Genzaburo and centers on a middle school boy named Honda Junichi. The student lives a quiet life and comes to learn more about adolescence as he exchanges letters with his uncle. The pair grow and learn from one another as Honda grows bored of his pristine life. However, the uncle's wise words manage to challenge Honda into doing more with his life than what has come to be expected.

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