Studio Ghibli Trends Thanks to BTS' J-Hope and His Totoro Sweater

Studio Ghibli has been the face of anime for decades now as many see films like Spirited Away as [...]

Studio Ghibli has been the face of anime for decades now as many see films like Spirited Away as the medium's best. Over the years, millions have come to adore the company's film library, and few movies are as beloved as My Neighbor Totoro. After all, its cuddly mascot has become adored the world over, and the K-pop supergroup BTS has the film trending all thanks to one member.

If you head to Twitter, there is a good chance you will see Totoro trending, and it isn't because of an anniversary or re-release. The trend is all thanks to J-Hope, one of the rappers in BTS. The singer is celebrating his birthday in South Korea, and his annual live stream with fans saw him don a very pricey My Neighbor Totoro sweater.

As it turns out, the rapper snagged a piece of LOEWE's ultra-luxury collaboration with Studio Ghibli. The collection was released early this year with some fairly astronomical price tags. From purses to hoodies and more, the LOWEW line paid homage to the whimsy of My Neighbor Totoro, and J-Hope was all for it. After all, the rapper donned a sweater from the collection in his new video and the top cost over $1800 USD.

You can imagine how fans are reacting to the big spend. J-Hope wowed fans with his soft sweater and designer drop-crotch pants. Netizens were quick to congratulate the singer on the boy as LOEWE limited its Studio Ghibli collection. Many of its items can be found second-hand for thousands of dollars. But when you are a member of BTS, well - you can get what you want. If that includes a fuzzy Totoro sweater, then so be it!

If you want to nab of piece of this collection, this sweater is sadly sold out online. However, there are two items available through the LOEWE website. A t-shirt and hoodie featuring some familiar dust bunnies can be bought, but you better be willing to drop at least $500 USD on the tops!

What do you think of this Studio Ghibli crossover? Which other BTS members need to nab this look...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.