This Studio Ghibli Cosplay Brings the Catbus to Life

Studio Ghibli recently released its latest feature-length film in Japan, Earwig and The Witch, [...]

Studio Ghibli recently released its latest feature-length film in Japan, Earwig and The Witch, which decided to take a big new step for the studio by relying on computer-generated animation, but one fan has decided to honor the animation of their past by creating Cosplay for one of its most memorable creations in the Catbus! My Neighbor Totoro had many different creatures that became staples of the long-running studio that has become legendary thanks to its many critically acclaimed films including Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Ponyo, and so many other beloved movies that have taken the world by storm!

The Catbus was a strange creation of Hayao Miyazaki, living up to its name by being a fusion of a giant feline and a bus, that would transport the young girls of My Neighbor Totoro, Satsuke and Mei, in exploring the countryside of this world that was filled with magic in the wilderness. During the climax of the film, which saw the sisters separated, the Catbus was instrumental in reuniting them and bringing about a happy ending to one of Studio Ghibli's most recognizable films in its broad category. My Neighbor Totoro can currently be streamed on HBO Max, which launched with the entirety of the Ghibli collection and was the first platform to do so!

Twitter User Minira Diary shared this adorable Cosplay that incorporates a real-life feline in order to bring to life one of the most recognizable creations of Studio Ghibli that was an instrumental part of My Neighbor Totoro despite having no dialogue to speak of:

Ghibli was recently dethroned when it came to box office profits in Japan as Spirited Away was overtaken by Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, which has been tearing up the box office charts since it hit theaters in Japan last year.

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