Dragon Ball: New Synopsis Explains Why the Gods of Destruction Are Becoming Enemies

Dragon Ball has been quiet since the close of its most recent anime, but that does not mean the [...]

Dragon Ball has been quiet since the close of its most recent anime, but that does not mean the franchise is floundering. Thanks to the manga, Dragon Ball Super is thriving with a new baddie, and its promotional anime has found a fandom that's all its own. Thanks to a new synopsis, fans have learned a bit more about the latter's new season, and it answers a massive question about the Gods of Destruction.

Recently, DBSChronicles translated the premiere synopsis of Super Dragon Ball Heroes season two. It was there fans got a better idea of what Goku and the Gods of Destruction are going to war over. It seems the pair are split over a new character whom the Gods really want to kill.

According to the blurb, Goku and Universe 7 are training when they are greeted by the Xeno mirrors. The newbies are chasing after a bird called Tokitoki, and the Gods of Destruction show up just moment later hellbent on killing the flustered creature.

"Goku and co. sense a disturbing energy and as they look up, they see all 12 Gods of Destruction standing above them! And all of them are after Tokitoki," the synopsis reads. ""Beerus tries to Hakai Tokitoki! Goku and co. are ready to fight them to protect it!"

As you can see, Universe 7 is not a big fan of Tokitoki being murdered out of the blue. Beerus and the other Gods of Destruction surely have a reason for wanting the bird dead, but that doesn't matter to Goku. His team and the Time Patrol are going to protect Tokitoki against any Hakai blasts, even if that means becoming enemies to the Gods of Destruction. So if you want to see how this impending feud plays out, you will not have to wait long. Super Dragon Ball Heroes will return with season two's premiere in early March.

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