Super Dragon Ball Heroes Introduces Xeno Trunks to the Z-Fighters

Super Dragon Ball Heroes is looking to introduce a lot of different moving pieces into it's second [...]

Super Dragon Ball Heroes is looking to introduce a lot of different moving pieces into it's second season, immediately knocking one of them out by introducing our usual Z Fighters to a Future Trunks who is a part of the "Xeno Fighters". The Xeno Team is a group of alternate reality Z warriors that hold many differences between the fighters that we know from the main series. For example, this version of Trunks has been working as a "time patroller" to ensure the safety of the time line and has been given a power up which he has never seen in the main anime!

During the battle with the Dark Demon Dimension, which was chronicled in both a previous summary episode as well as in the Super Dragon Ball Heroes manga, we are shown this version of Future Trunks gaining the power to transform into a Super Saiyan God! Trunks' fellow fighters tend to sway more toward their interpretations from the series of Dragon Ball GT, with Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan accessing the power of Super Saiyan Four rather than Super Saiyan Blue or the Mystic form. In their fight with the underworld dwellers, they put their strength to the test in bringing down this group of villains attempting to gather the "Dark Dragon Balls".

In the first official episode of the second season of Dragon Ball Heroes, the mystical bird, Toki Toki, appears in front of the Goku, Vegeta, and other Z Fighters that we are familiar from the main series. As Trunks is given the duty of finding the all powerful bird, both he and Pan journey to the reality that we've grown used to, being introduced to the main reality's Goku and Vegeta for the first time. While he did not show off his Super Saiyan God transformation, there's still plenty of episodes in this second season to do so!

Before Trunks and Pan are able to leave with Toki Toki, they are approached by the Gods of Destruction from all the different universes in full force, telling the Z Fighters that a bird of prophecy will be responsible for the destruction of reality. Believing this bird to be Toki Toki, Beerus hints that he will destroy the flying, supposed destroyer, leading him and the rest of the Gods into a battle with the Z Fighters we know as well as the Time Patrol!

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