Super Dragon Ball Heroes Introduces the Bird of Destruction, Dogi Dogi

Super Dragon Ball Heroes' promotional anime series has finally kicked off its second season, and [...]

Super Dragon Ball Heroes' promotional anime series has finally kicked off its second season, and much like the first, the second season will feature threats to the entire multiverse. Adapting the Big Bang Mission arc from the original arcade game (which got off to a rocky start in Japan), the second season of the promotional series has introduced a new godly being in a bird named Toki Toki who watches over all time and space. But this also got the attention of Beerus and the other Gods of Destruction who had the idea in their heads that this bird would lead to the destruction of the multiverse.

But it turns out that they were already mistaken as Toki Toki wasn't the destructive bird in question that Beerus and the others were worried about. Instead as the first episode of the new season comes to an end, fans are teased with the debut of the real bird of destruction, Dogi Dogi, which is currently perched on Fu's shoulder for the next phase of the evil scientist's plan.

The first episode sees Beerus immediately try to Hakai Toki Toki upon seeing it appear in the seventh universe, and this all plays into whatever Fu is planning. He was happy to see a fight break out between Goku and Beerus, and there's an ominous seed also pulsating with a strange glowing energy. This somehow factors into his plans along with the bird of destruction, but it appears that we'll see more of what this new bird will be capable of as the second season continues.

Toki Toki was shown to have the ability to negate Beerus' Hakai energy with a flap of its wings, and previously brought a whole world to destruction during the Dark Demon Realm saga, so it stands to reason that Dogi Dogi has abilities comparable to it. But given its dark visage being a much different mirror to Toki Toki's white and golden design, there's a chance that whatever destructive powers it has are that much more threatening to the multiverse than anything Toki Toki will do.

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