Super Dragon Ball Heroes Announces Ultra God Mission Finale Date

Super Dragon Ball Heroes has one episode left in the Ultra God Mission and here's when you can expect it to land.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes is the very definition of "fan service". Releasing new episodes on a steady clip, the spin-off series has been a safe harbor for anime fans that have been jonesing for their Z-Fighter fix while Dragon Ball Super's main television series remains in limbo. With the penultimate episode of the Ultra God Mission seeing Goku, Future Gohan, and Bardock teaming up in an impressive display, a release date has been revealed for the final installment of this latest arc.

The Ultra God Mission has been a wild ride in this spin-off series that has seen characters and transformations make appearances that perhaps would never appear in Dragon Ball Super. With the likes of Super Saiyan 4 and "outside of continuity villains" such as Cooler, Super 17, and Demigra making appearances, the upcoming finale is looking to bring the Tournament of Space and Time to an end. The tournament had some wild moments in its run time, including Kid Buu taking on Janenba, a new version of Future Gohan introduced, and the Warriors in Black making their grand debut, but there was one moment in particular that turned heads. Yamcha was proposed to by one of the combatants and it will be interesting to see if the Ultra God Mission's finale wraps this story as well.

(Photo: Toei Animation)

The Ultra God Mission Finale Release Date

The finale of this latest arc, titled "To Rays Of Hope That Erase Despair, And To A Miraculous Showdown!" will arrive on August 24th.  Alongside the release date, an official description has been released for the Ultra God Mission's final episode that reads as such, "Bardock, Son Gohan, and Son Goku. The warriors of different space times join forces to defeat Demigra's Ki Attack! The battle for the fate of all time and space reaches its conclusion!"

Luckily, Super Dragon Ball Heroes has already confirmed that the anime spin-off will continue following this arc's conclusion with "Meteor Mission". At present, details regarding this upcoming arc's storyline remain a mystery, though based on Heroes' track record, fans should expect more wild, unbelievable moments to occur. 

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