Super Dragon Ball Heroes Reveaks Why the Gods of Destruction Want to Kill Toki Toki

Super Dragon Ball Heroes season 2 has just begun, and the Big Bang Mission is not wasting any time [...]

Super Dragon Ball Heroes season 2 has just begun, and the Big Bang Mission is not wasting any time making some big moves. The first episode of this "Universal Genesis Arc" saw the Gods of Destruction rise up threaten Universe 7, Earth, as well as Goku and the Z-Fighters. However, the more important part of the episode was the revelation of why Lord Beerus and the other Gods of Destruction from across the multiverse are taking a stand. It's all about Toki Toki, the divine Tokitoki bird with the ability to create time; however, as the end of Super Dragon Ball Heroes episode 21 reveals, the Gods of Destruction may be suffering a calamitous case of mistaken identity!

Warning: Super Dragon Ball Heroes episode 21 SPOILERS Follow!

When the Universe Creation Arc begins, Toki Toki has disappeared form the Time Nest he calls home. The divine bird shows up at Capsule Corp in Goku's company, and seems to instantly bond with the Saiyan warrior. None of the Z-Fighters knows what the bird is, until Xeno Trunks and Xeno Pan of the Time Patrol suddenly arrive in Universe 7. After getting the lowdown on what Toki Toki is, and his importance to the Time Patrol's operations, Goku thinks they're in for an easy handoff. However, that's when the Gods of Destruction arrive to spoil the party.

Lord Beerus and the other Gods of Destruction, being gods, don't need to explain themselves to mortals, but based on his friendship with Goku, Beerus hints that he's had a vision of Toki Toki destroying the universe. But it turns out that Toki Toki is much more formidable than he looks, as the divine bird is able to totally negate the Destroyers' Hakai attack (the divine energy of destruction). Toki Toki then transports away from the scene for parts unknown, leaving Goku and Beerus to settle their beef with a fight.

It is in the end of the episode where we get the reveal and hint as to what is really going on here: a final scene brings back Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime's main big bad, Fu, who seems to have his own time bird at his side: Doki Doki, an evil copy of Toki Toki from the demon realm! Clearly it is this bird that threatens Universe 7 - hopefully Beerus and Co. figure it out in time.

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