How Many Super Saiyan Forms Does 'Dragon Ball' Have?

As strong as Goku is now in Dragon Ball Super, it's been hard to track exactly how many Super [...]

As strong as Goku is now in Dragon Ball Super, it's been hard to track exactly how many Super Saiyan forms have been introduced over the entire franchise. The final count is much higher than you think.

Reddit user xAVATAR-AANGx has compiled an exhaustive list of the Super Saiyan forms in the Dragon Ball series, and they even went as far as including non-canon forms introduced in the Dragon Ball Z movies and Dragon Ball GT. While the user admits the order in which they were introduced is still up for debate, it's still an impressive count of 29:

  1. False Super Saiyan
  2. Super Saiyan Power State
  3. Super Saiyan
  4. Ascended Super Saiyan
  5. Ultra Super Saiyan
  6. Full Power Super Saiyan
  7. Majin Super Saiyan
  8. Truffle Super Saiyan
  9. Legendary Super Saiyan
  10. Controlled Legendary Super Saiyan
  11. Super Saiyan 2
  12. Super Kaio-ken
  13. Full Power Super Saiyan 2
  14. Majin Super Saiyan 2
  15. Truffle Super Saiyan 2
  16. Legendary Super Saiyan 2
  17. Super Saiyan 3
  18. Legendary Super Saiyan 3
  19. Super Truffle
  20. Super Saiyan 4
  21. Legendary Super Saiyan 4
  22. Super Saiyan God
  23. Potential Unleashed
  24. Mortal Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan Blue
  25. Divine Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan Rose
  26. Super Saiyan Rage (what Future Trunks achieves in the Future Trunks arc in Super)
  27. Legendary Super Saiyan God/ Broly God (only seen in an amusement park ride)
  28. Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Kaio-ken
  29. Ultra Instinct

Funny enough, Dragon Ball Z officially began as a sequel series to Dragon Ball manga in 1988, 29 years ago. After running for so long, it's crazy to see how many forms have been in the series. There are plenty listed here oft-forgotten too. The "False Super Saiyan" form in the Lord Slug film is definitely one brushed under the rug.

This list also includes states that are not necessarily confirmed to be a version of the Super Saiyan transformation like the "Potential Unleashed" state Gohan and Krillin experience on Namek, Goku's Kaio-ken and it's later boost to the Super Saiyan Blue form, the Supreme Kai boosted "Potential Unleashed" state Adult Gohan receives in the later events of Z and regains in Dragon Ball Super's "Universal Survival" arc, and the latest and most notably different from the rest of these forms, Ultra Instinct.

Due to these inclusions, many fans are split on the list of Super Saiyan forms as these inconsistencies are enough to throw the full list into debate. By including non-canon forms, it also opens the door to forms only seen in spin-offs and video games. Suffice to say, the debate is far from over.

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