Terror Man Anime Announced

It looks like another webtoon is heading for television! Not long ago, the team behind YLAB Studio confirmed Terror Man is ready to tackle its own anime. The hit webcomic is getting an adaptation by Studio Bazooka alongside Dr. Movie.

If you are not familiar with Terror Man, the manhwa hails from South Korea by creators Go Jin-Ho and Han Dong-Woo. Published by Webtoon, the complete series has over 200 chapters, and it features a rather wild premise that fans of Chainsaw Man will appreciate it.

Terror Man tells the story of a young man named Jungwoo Min who has the special ability to see the branches the future may take. To be specific, his power lets him see whenever an action or decision will lead to an unfortunate future. Jungwoo uses his power to spot these key moments and stop whatever awful future they may bring, but his actions end up labeling the man a terrorist. As you can imagine, this reality leaves Jungwoo unhappy, and his ire against the universe grows despite all the lives he saves.

As you can see, Terror Man has the potential to live up to hit anime like Psycho-Pass, and its action story has plenty of dark asides that will keep fans hooked. The only question remains whether the Terror Man manga will be done justice on the small screen. So far, a number of manhwa have been adapted for television, and Korean webtoons are toeing into the anime world more so than ever before. Thanks to Tower of God and Noblesse, we know these webcomics can be done justice in anime, but some adaptations never hit their mark.

The adaptation of the Terror Man manga has also added to anime's slate of upcoming webtoon series. Not long ago, reports confirmed Doctor Elise is getting its own anime, and there is an even bigger series on the horizon. Solo Leveling has an anime in production, and there is another season of Tower of God being animated these days to boot. These two webcomics are some of the biggest in South Korea, so you can see why netizens are excited to see them hit the small screen. And if we are lucky, Terror Man's anime will join the list of anime's top manhwa adaptations. 

What do you make of this latest webtoon report? Do you think Terror Man will make for a good anime? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.