The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel - Northern War Reveals New Trailer

Throughout anime's history, the medium has seen some major television series and movies based on the events taking place within a video game franchise. Recently, Netflix released a new series diving into Night City, using the video Cyberpunk 2077 as a springboard for the popular Edgerunners and another game franchise will release a new adaptation early next year. The Legend of Heroes has been a video game franchise since the 1980s and it is set to once again hit the anime world early next year.    

The upcoming series will be directed by Hidekazu Sato, of Basquash fame, with Shoji Hara and Mina Osawa working as the character designers, Hideki Ryoga and Mao Emura working as the series composers, and Tasunoko Production bringing the series to life. The Legend of Heroes has been a part of the video game scene for quite some time, with the first game in the series arriving in 1989 and continuing to weave new stories to this day. 

The first trailer for the new anime adaptation of The Legend of Heroes can be seen below:

The official description for this new anime adaptation in the world of The Legend of Heroes reads as such: 

"Lavi, a girl born and raised in the poorest region of Northumbria, located in the northwestern part of the Zemuria continent. In order to protect her hometown, and to prove that she is different from her grandfather, Vlad, who was once revered as a hero but betrayed Northumbria. She volunteered to join the Northern Jaegers, which is famous as the continent's largest Jaeger corps, was doing his duty. Lavi, who is immersed in his mission and repeatedly violates discipline, is ordered to form a platoon with Marty, Iseria, and Talion on a reckless secret spy mission to the Erebonia Empire, in order to get information about the unknown existence "Hero of the Empire" that threatens Northumbria..."

Needless to say, considering how successful video game stories have become in the anime format, expect plenty more series to receive animated television series in the future.

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