The Legend of Zelda Makes Anime Comeback with Studio Ghibli Crossover

The Legend of Zelda has easily earned its place as one of the biggest franchises in Nintendo's [...]

The Legend of Zelda has easily earned its place as one of the biggest franchises in Nintendo's library, joining the likes of Super Mario Bros, Metroid, and Pokemon, but the series has yet to receive an anime adaptation of its own, with one fan taking matters into their own hands by bringing Link into the world of Studio Ghibli. Though there have been persistent rumors about the Legend of Zelda brigning to life a new series, live action and animated, it seems as if entering the world of Hyrule outside of video games still might be a ways off!

Ghibli would be the perfect match for the world of Hyrule and the adventures that see the young warrior Link attempting to save the Princess Zelda, considering how it is able to blend the world of magic with lush environments. The latest installment for the Legend of Zelda series arrived on the Nintendo Switch with the "Dynasty Warriors" style Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. With the Legend of Zelda seeking to return to the world of Breath of the Wild, with a sequel to the universe that was easily the most popular in the long running history of the series, Link, Zelda, and Hyrule are definitely looking to have a bright future.

Twitter Artist Mistas Bullet shared this impressive art that imagines if Studio Ghibli were to test their skills out with an anime adaptation of Nintendo's popular series in The Legend of Zelda, using the popular entry of Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch as their basis:

Studio Ghibli is planning to release a new animated movie later this year in Earwig And The Witch, doing something drastically different from the two dimensional animated style that has made the studio such a success. Using entirely computer generated graphics for this next entry, it will be interesting to see how the animation house is able to implement this new style which keeping the spirit of their previous entries.

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