Studio Ghibli Fans Notice a Heartwarming Secret in Howl's Moving Castle

Studio Ghibli might have some new feature length films arriving in the forms of Earwig And The Witch and How Do You Live? but that isn't stopping fans from diving into their robust catalogue of award winning movies, and one fan has discovered a heart warming easter egg from the supernatural epic of Howl's Moving Castle. During the film, a young girl named Sophie comes into contact with the strange being known as Howl, combating a number of external threats as well as a spell that makes her go from a young girl to an elderly woman!

Howl's Moving Castle might never receive a sequel series, as Studio Ghibli hasn't returned to any of the worlds that they originally created outside of some well placed Easter Eggs, but fans will have the opportunity to visit a real life location in the Ghibli Amusement Park that will be opening in 2022. The part of the park that honors Howl's Moving Castle will be called "The Springtime of Life Hill" and will join a number of other attractions and sections of the park that will be working toward recreating some of the lush and beautiful worlds that have been created by Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki!

Reddit User Boring_Bisexual_Bee shared this unique Easter Egg that features a heart warming easter egg that implies that Howl's Moving Castle has some time travelling aspects, as Howl tells Sophie to "look for him in the future" at one scene, and something completely different in another:

In Howl's Moving Castle (2004), near the end in a sequence where Sophie met Howl in the past, he says, "Find me in the future!" In the beginning, when Howl first meets Sophie, he says, "I was looking everywhere for you". from r/MovieDetails

Earwig And The Witch is the next big feature length film that will be dropping from Ghibli later this year, taking the opportunity to try a new form of animation for the studio in computer graphics. While still retaining their unique style that was made popular by a number of animators, including Hayao Miyazaki, it will be interesting to see if Earwig is able to become one of the premiere films of the animation studio, and thus, computer generation animation will be used more in Ghibli's future.


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