Marvel Reveals The Rise of Ultraman Cover by Alex Ross

The comic book industry is gradually getting back on its feet from the COVID-19 pandemic, and some [...]

The comic book industry is gradually getting back on its feet from the COVID-19 pandemic, and some highly-anticipated new titles are going to be among that. This will include The Rise of Ultraman, an upcoming collaboration between Marvel Comics and Tsuburaya Productions. The first look at the comic miniseries debuted earlier this year at C2E2 -- and now a breathtaking cover from legendary artist Alex Ross has been added to that. On Tuesday, Marvel debuted Ross' cover for The Rise of Ultraman #1, which shows the titular hero being greeted by a group of onlookers.

the rise of ultraman 1 alex ross
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Storytelling masters Kyle Higgins (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Winter Soldier) and Mat Groom (Self/Made), together with superstar artists Francesco Manna (Avengers, Fantastic Four) Michael Cho (Captain America) and Gurihiru (The Unstoppable Wasp) will take fans back into the days of darkness, where the terrifying Kaiju lurk. When these unfathomable monsters threaten all life as we know it, the only thing standing in their way…is the United Science Patrol! Who are these enigmatic defenders, and how do they perform their miracles? Shin Hayata and Kiki Fuji have spent half a lifetime trying to find out – and their quest is about to drive them toward a decades-old dark secret and put them on a collision course with a mysterious warrior from beyond the stars!

"Across the globe, Ultraman is as iconic and well-recognized a character as Spider-Man or Iron Man, so when the opportunity arose for us to introduce his mythos to a new generation, as seen through the Marvel lens, we didn't take that responsibility lightly," Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort said in a statement. "For fans of the classic 1966 series, there'll be plenty of Easter eggs that you'll recognize. But for those who've never experienced an Ultraman story before, this series will start at square one—launching an epic showdown fit for the modern age."

"With release of Marvel's The Rise of Ultraman series, Tsuburaya Productions and our partners at Marvel Comics are taking ULTRAMAN a massive step forward onto the global stage," Tsuburaya CEO Takayuki Tsukagoshi added. "Marvel's rendering of the ULTRAMAN story has been faithfully created with the highest level of respect, quality and creativity resulting in a storyline that expands the ULTRAMAN universe."

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The Rise of Ultraman #1 will arrive this September.