This Is The 'Hunter x Hunter' & 'Dragon Ball' Crossover Fans Deserve

This is Hunter x Hunter and Dragon Ball crossover is one of the greatest things we have ever seen [...]

This is Hunter x Hunter and Dragon Ball crossover is one of the greatest things we have ever seen as anime fans. Fusion was something that the Dragon Ball universe introduced a while ago and immediately they became famous for it. In addition, many fans began wondering what other characters apart from the ones the series had fused together would look like. However, some fans have gone further and are starting to fuse characters from different anime's, including Dragon Ball and Hunter x Hunter characters.

These fan-made sketches that have recently been released on Twitter fused two characters from Hunter x Hunter and Dragon Ball. The first is on Future Trunks, the eldest child of Bulma and Vegeta who had come from the future to warn his family and their friends about the threat of the Androids in Dragon Ball z and later the threat of Goku Black in Dragon Ball Super. The clothes are his traditional get-up from Dragon Ball Z, with Tapion's sword firmly on his back. The character he is fused with is that of the young assassin Killua Zoldyck, a lightning Nen user who was extremely talented and a friend of Gon from Hunter x Hunter. I like to call this fusion of the two boys Kunks.

Hunter x Hunter & Dragon Ball

Meanwhile, the second image is of Gon Freecss, the main character of Hunter x Hunter and an incredibly talented kid as well. The Nen user is kind and has a similar characteristic to the man he is fused with Son Gohan, maybe not his intelligence but through his innocence. The fusion of Gohan and Gon is something I like to call Hon, with him wearing Gohan's Great Saiyaman costume, which most fans want to forget. However, this fan obviously doesn't want to forget this suit of Gohan and has used that suit as the fusion material of Gon and Gohan.