Tiger & Bunny 2 Part 2 Confirms Netflix Release Date

Tiger & Bunny has already begun its second season on Netflix, with the anime series from Sunrise returning to follow the adventures of our corporate superheroes, and the show has revealed when fans can expect new episodes to arrive later this year. With the lion's share of attention in the world of anime superheroes being diverted to My Hero Academia as the season prepares for its sixth season, Tiger & Bunny has definitely managed to carve out a niche for itself.   

Tiger & Bunny is one of the unique anime series that started with a television series before it was given a manga, with the initial episodes arriving in 2011 a few months prior to the story hitting print. Brought to life by Sunrise Studio, the same animation house responsible for the likes of legendary anime franchises such as Cowboy Bebop, Mobile Suit Gundam, and Gintama to name a few, it's clear that the second season is set to continue taking our heroes on some wild new adventures.

The Official Twitter Account for Tiger & Bunny revealed that fans can expect new episodes of the anime series to arrive on Netflix on October 7th:

The first season of Tiger & Bunny, along with the first episodes of the second season of the series, is currently available to stream on Netflix, with the streaming service releasing an official description for the series produced by 

"The city of Stern Bild is protected by corporate superheroes known as NEXT, who fight crime while promoting their sponsors on the popular show 'HERO TV.' Veteran hero Wild Tiger relies on his years of experience and instincts to fight crime, but his tendency to destroy public property for the sake of protecting the lives of the innocent has earned him the nickname 'Crusher for Justice.' Now, under orders from his new employer, Wild Tiger finds himself forced to team up with Barnaby Brooks Jr., a rookie with an attitude. Two polar opposites work to fight evil in this thrilling buddy-hero action series!"  


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