'Tokyo Ghoul' Just Brought Ghouls & Humans Together In A Big Way

If you are caught up on all things Tokyo Ghoul, then you know Ken Kaneki is in a bad way. The [...]

If you are caught up on all things Tokyo Ghoul, then you know Ken Kaneki is in a bad way. The One-Eye King has currently lost control of himself, and his Kagune has started to overtake Tokyo much to the CCG's dismay. With time running out, the group of Ghoul hunters are don't know how to best take down Kaneki, but there is one group who knows how to help.

So, if you've ever wondered what it would be like for the CCG and Ghouls to team up, then you are in for a treat.

The latest chapter of Tokyo Ghoul:re made a huge statement once it went live for fans. Chapter 150 followed the CCG as investigators like Itsuki Marude began planning a way to take out Kaneki's rogue Kagune. The group thought if they found the One-Eye King's real body, they could stop the Kagune from spreading - but they don't know how to approach the situation. Luckily, the Ghouls know just what to do, and they're willing to work with the CCG so long as it means Kaneki is saved.

Took me long enough to color- Mask Off from TokyoGhoul

As the chapter continued, fans watched as many of Tokyo's Ghouls gathered in front of the CCG's main building. The tense showdown saw suited CCG members scrambling for their defenses, but it was only when Amon corrected Koori Ui about what a Ghoul Investigator is meant to do that the CCG considered teaming up with their sworn enemies.

"The Ghoul Counter-Measure law preface!!! The thing of most important value is peace, and the counter-measure members will put full effort into maintaining that," Amon reminded prodigal investigator. "The one who fights in order to protect the peace... That's an investigator. We have to fight even with ghouls!"

With the CCG left in disarray, Murade and the organization's higher-ups turned to Juuzou Suzuya for guidance. As the group's strongest investigator, the man ultimately decided it was time for the CCG to team up with the Ghouls if it meant saving the city.

"Is that so? Well then, let's all go together," Suzuya says. "It'll be easier that way. The CCG will accept your cooperation."

The striking chapter marks a huge shift in how the CCG and Ghouls will operate moving forward, but fans cannot see the tentative team-up lasting forever. If there is one thing Tokyo Ghoul is good at, it is breaking the hearts of its readers, and there's no way the groups' union will go quite like everyone hopes.

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