Toonami Promo Hypes Fans for July 4th Dragon Ball Super Marathon

It's a holiday weekend, and like always Toonami is doing it big with a special marathon of Dragon Ball Super! To commemorate the July 4th holiday (although hilariously noting in the promo that it's more of a cynical take on the usual Independence Day holiday), Toonami will be airing a special Dragon Ball Super marathon that will actually extend the programming block for the evening. Taking on the final eight episodes of the Future Trunks arc, this marathon will be a pretty explosive way to spend your Saturday night!

Toonami previously confirmed that they will be entering Dragon Ball Super episodes 60-67 on Saturday, July 4th from 12:00AM to 4:00AM EST. This is special not only because Dragon Ball Super is returning to the block, but there will be an additional half hour in order to truly squeeze the most out of this holiday run.

This also comes at quite the serendipitous time for Toonami as My Hero Academia recently ended its fourth season run after a few delays for the final English dubbed episodes of the season. Fans had been wondering what series would be replacing My Hero Academia in its leading spot, and Adult Swim revealed that Dragon Ball Super would be coming back to take its place.

But rather than start from the very beginning of the series, Dragon Ball Super will be kicking off the Universe Survival arc when it makes its grand return to Toonami next week. So if you happen to get the Dragon Ball Super itch again, Toonami will be there to help you out with a weekly dose of action from here on out. As for the marathon, it will be taking on the final eight episodes of the Future Trunks arc.

Starting from right after Beerus uses Hakai on Zamasu, the marathon takes us to the final phase of the fight against Fused Zamasu. It's still one of the best received arcs in the series overall, and now fans will have another opportunity to see why! Will you be tuning into Toonami's Dragon Ball Super marathon for the holiday? Where does the Future Trunks arc rank among the rest of the arcs in the series? Would you want to see Future Trunks in the series again someday? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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