Adult Swim's Uzumaki Anime Progressing Well Despite Pandemic

With the Corona Virus affecting the world at large, and of course the world of anime, fans may be [...]

With the Corona Virus affecting the world at large, and of course the world of anime, fans may be glad to hear that one of the most anticipated premieres on Adult Swim this year is still progressing well with the anime adaptation of Junji Ito's horrific tale, Uzumaki. The spooky story follows a cursed town that is obsessed with spirals and a blight that befalls the citizens of this community expresses itself in some truly horrific ways. Ito himself is easily one of the biggest "masters of horror" and it's great to hear that this anime is still on track.

Uzumaki was originally released in 1998 as a manga series, blending Junji Ito's insanely detailed art work and his perchance to create spooky scenarios the likes of which haven't been seen in the medium of manga before. The world of Uzumaki is as creepy as it is beautiful, with the idea of spirals manifesting themselves in extreme and unexpected ways such as people being twisted into grotesque shapes, students being transformed into snail people, and even some ruffians gaining the ability to harness the power of tornadoes to help them fly. It's a strange and horrifying story that we can't wait to see translated to the small screen!

Adult Swim SVP and Creative Director Jason Demarco shared the update on their Official Twitter Account that Uzumaki was still moving forward without any current delays in the face of the Corona Virus pandemic, slated to be released at some point this year:

This won't be the first time that Uzumaki got its own adaptation, as a few years following its debut it was given a live action feature length film that attempted to capture the details of this terrifying world. While it wasn't critically well received, it's clear there's still a desire among fans to see brand new adaptations being created with Junji Ito's large body of work. Uzumaki is a definite standout in Ito's roster of spooky stories and we're looking forward to see this brand new take on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim!

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