Velma Season 2 Is Reportedly In the Works Despite Fan Backlash

If a new report is right, Scooby-doo fans better brace themselves. Despite ongoing controversy, Velma has been a popular pick on HBO Max, and it seems the show is gunning for a new season. A registry update seems to confirm season two has been given the go-ahead, and fans are curious about the order given Velma's less-than-ideal reviews to date.

News of season two came to light this week when the Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) updated its entries. The catalog now lists Velma season two as in the works under HBO Max and Warner Bros. The entry goes on to suggest season two will consist of 11 episodes, but other than that, few details are known about the project.

The Future of Velma

Of course, this update comes on the heels of Velma's controversial premiere. The animated comedy, which promised to give an R-rated take on Scooby-doo, has not been met with love by fans. Despite record viewings on HBO Max, Velma has earned a scathing 7% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes with over 2,400 entries. This total is much lower than Velma's Critic Score as RT has aggregated a rating of 53% to date.

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Now, the show's low Audience Score on RT must be taken in context. Velma has been targeted by review bombers, and those efforts are still moving forward on social media. While critics seem to have issues with Velma's overall story, its retorts and jokes have earned praise online. Of course, the adult reimagining is very different from anything Scooby-doo has done before, so fans of the iconic IP will need to have an open mind when they check out Velma's current episodes. And in the end, well – it is up to us all to decide where we stand with Velma.

For now, it seems HBO Max is ready to move forward with season two, so the service must be confident in the original. Only time will tell if this order plays out. So if you want more Velma, you might want to share your positive review of the series for others online.

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