Velma Just Broke One of Dragonball Evolution's Infamous Records

If there is one thing the Internet is against right now, it is Velma. HBO Max kickstarted the animated comedy just days ago, and the series is already burning through the goodwill of social media. With mixed critic reviews, Velma has fallen prey to fans who have been less-than-kind to the edgy series. And now, it looks like Velma managed to beat out one of Hollywood's most infamous records thanks to Dragonball Evolution.

The milestone popped up on social media just recently as fans have taken to the Internet to critique Velma. From Reddit to Tumblr, no place has been safe for the ravaged comedy, and IMDb has been no exception. In fact, the site has become one of the biggest to host reviews for Velma, and its user rating just sunk below that of Dragonball Evolution.

And yes, that is possible. Dragonball Evolution has held steady with 2.5 stars out of 10 for ages now. But with over 20,000 reviews, Velma is now sitting at 1.4 stars out of 10. Yikes, right?

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If you haven't kept up on social media with Velma, you might be confused as to why the series has received such hate. Sadly, the issue seems to be twofold. On one hand, longtime fans of Scooby-doo have been cautious of Velma since its reveal, and its first two episodes confirmed their worst fears. The overly edgy comedy has been accused of being mean-spirited and often disrespectful of its legacy by netizens. Not even its clever animation has saved Velma in the face of its story. And once fans made their objections known, Velma was soon brigaded by review bombers online.

Of course, Dragonball Evolution was prey to this trend back in 2009. Even without social media on its tail, the live-action anime adaptation was skewered by fans and critics alike when it debuted. Today, Dragonball Evolution is lauded as one of Hollywood's worst adaptations and ranked alongside bombs such as The Last Airbender. Now, only time will tell if Velma joins that infamous list, but things aren't looking good for the adult comedy as is...