Velma Just Dropped a Jetsons Easter Egg

Velma made its debut earlier this year, and to the fandom's dismay, the show failed to hit the mark. The edgy adaptation shone the wrong light on Velma for fans, and Hanna-Barbera lovers were vocal about their upset. Now, the gang is turning back to look at Velma thanks to a new cameo, but it is up to you to decide how the show's tribute to The Jetsons went over.

As you can see above, Velma nodded another one of Hanna-Barbera's hits with its latest batch of episodes. The Jetsons came into view as one of the episodes flashes back to Velma's birth. It is there we find her mom and dad in the hospital eager to take newborn photos. But before long, things get weird.

After all, the new parents decide to cosplay for the photoshoot, so Velma's parents dress like George and Jane. As for Velma, the newborn is swaddled up as Judy, and it seems the family is anything but happy. While the trio are photographed, George is on his phone, and Velma looks just as peeved as her mom.

Obviously, this is not the first nod to The Jetsons in Velma. The show's first trailers hinted at a crossover as Judy Jetson appears to be a celebrity in this universe. This fact explains why Velma's folks wanted to dress up, and their take on the future family is funny. But of course, the show takes some jabs at The Jetsons and its tech obsession just for fun.

If you have not checked out Velma yet, you can always find the show's current episodes on HBO Max. Season one is putting out new episode bundles weekly. And of course, the streaming service has a catalog of Scooby-doo titles on hand to binge whenever you want!

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