Rooster Teeth's 'RWBY' Cuts Vic Mignogna From Cast

According to a recent announcement, it seems the cast of RWBY is headed for a shake up. Rooster [...]

According to a recent announcement, it seems the cast of RWBY is headed for a shake up. Rooster Teeth has confirmed it has parted ways with voice actor Vic Mignogna in light of recent allegations against the industry veteran.

The production company reached out to Anime News Network to confirm its decision. Rooster Teeth did not give specific cause for parting ways with Mignogna, and you can read the full statement below:

"Effective today, Vic Mignogna is no longer a part of the cast of RWBY and Rooster Teeth is ending all associations with Mignogna. This will not affect the creative content of RWBY."

For fans of RWBY, fans will likely know the role Mignogna oversaw for the series. The actor voiced Qrow Branwen, a recurring character in the anime-inspired series. So far, there is no word on who will replace Mignogna in the series moving forward, but fans can expect Rooster Teeth to announce their new casting decision soon enough.

While no exact reason was given for Rooster Teeth's decision to part ways with Mignogna, the decision comes after numerous allegations surfaced against against the actor. Last month, social media sites were flooded with stories from fans and voice actors about Mignogna. The 56-year-old voice actor has been accused by multiple anime convention attendees of embracing them without consent and even kissing them on occasion. In the wake of these allegations, other voice actors within the anime industry showed their support to those fans sharing their stories. Monica Rial posted a message of support over on Instagram while more than a dozen others took to Twitter to back up fans.

In the wake of these allegations, Mignogna's public appearances at various anime conventions have been slashed. All but five of the actor's slated appearances have been cancelled for 2019 thus far, though Mignogna did appear at Bak-Anime in California over the weekend. It was there the actor apologized to attendees, and a video of the encounter has been shared to social media.

So far, Rooster Teeth is the first production company to take any direct action against Mignogna in the wake of these allegations. The actor has a long resume within the anime industry as Mignogna has voiced some prolific characters. Most recently, the actor stepped out as Broly once more for Dragon Ball Super: Broly, but Migogna also voiced the English dub for characters like Edward Elric, Tamaki Suoh, and many more.

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